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Top 7 essentials for your baby's first birthday party!

🎉🎈 Celebrating your baby's first birthday is such a special milestone! Here are the top 7 essentials for a fun and memorable party for your one-year-old:

  1. Safe and Accessible Play Area: The most important thing is to choose a clean and safe environment where your baby can crawl, walk, and explore freely. Our playground is designed with your little one in mind.

  2. Fun for All Ages: Keep both little ones and older kids entertained. Our venue offers a variety of activities to engage siblings and friends, ensuring everyone has a great time.

  3. Private Party Space: Enjoy exclusive access to our venue for a truly intimate celebration. No crowded party rooms here—just your special guests in a spacious, private setting.

  4. Stylish Decorations: Enhance the party with our gorgeous, custom decorations. We provide beautiful, bespoke décor that will make your event look stunning and unique.

  5. Bring Your Own Food: Personalize your party with your favorite snacks, treats, and dishes. Our venue allows you to bring your own food, so you can cater to your guests' preferences.

  6. Comfortable Seating for Adults:

  1.  Relax and socialize in our cozy seating area while keeping an eye on the kids. Pro tip: having some snacks and beverages available for the grown-ups makes it even nicer.

  2. Capture Precious Moments: Use our vintage high chair for adorable smash-the-cake photos. It’s a charming addition that makes those cake-smashing moments even more picture-perfect.

At Frogs Snails and Fairy Tales, we check all the boxes! Book your party today!

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