Cleaning Procedures

Cleaning Supplies

Our mission is to provide a safe and clean place for children and parents to engage in imaginative play. 


At this time we have switched to hospital-grade sanitizing products that are EPA approved for the virus. 

After each play session, we spray the sanitizing solution around our full facility, wiping down toys, counters, furniture, and play structures. 

We spray the sanitizing solution on large stuffed animals and routinely use a steamer for deep cleaning/ We also spray the sanitizing solution on all costumes and they are frequently washed. 

We also frequently rotate the toys in the play area to allow us to individually clean each item, keeping our space always fresh.

We constantly wipe door handles,  counters, and any other high touched surface throughout the day. 

Let us know if you have any specific questions about our cleaning procedure and we will be happy to clarify or make modifications to accommodate your visit to our facility.