- Weekend reservations for Play sessions should be booked only on the week of the event. We will cancel and refund any reservation for play sessions scheduled more than 1 week in advance.  

- We strongly encourage masks to anyone above 10 year old.  Socks are required for parents and child(ren)

- We do temperature check once you enter play area.

- During play sessions we allow Individually packed drinks and non-messy snacks are allowed on designated area. 

Example of permitted snacks: gold fish, granola bar, cheese stick. Please don't bring messy items during play session, such as hamburgers, catchup, chicken nuggets, donuts and cupcakes. Consider a party package if you would like to have food and a cooler with drinks. 



Shared Play Time with up to 8 kids at a time. 

Each ticket is for admission of one child. Each family can have up to 2 adults for free, additional adults will require a ticket. 

Email if you would like to book using your Value Pass.


Exclusive use of facility for up to 5 children and 5 adults.  No other groups at the facility at the same time.


Email us for additional children or request additional time options.

Do not book weekend sessions more than 1 week in advance. We will cancel and refund the session.